Friday, August 31, 2012

Up and running...

Fellow Bloggers, 20-30 Year old's, lost souls, Lululemon lovers, dog lovers, and well anyone else ....

I'm new to this so lets see if I can get this rolling.
Why do most people start a blog anyway? Is everyone hoping theirs will go viral? to make money or get attention?
Who knows. I think I maybe have read a dozen entries in my life. All from random people, somehow connected to pinterest or "how-to's" or something.
First off, I'll say this. This is not my college Thesis paper and I've never been a fabulous proof reader. Anything beyond spell-check will prob get over looked as far as typos. Get over it.

My main purpose for starting this blog is because I have a vision of this person that I want to be and I know I am on the inside. I simply have this problem (most of us have) and being able to hold myself accountable for my behavior and actions and promises to myself.

I've had a rough life. (By no means the roughest) by in no way shape or form was my childhood..."desirable" shall we say. Maybe we will get into that in another Blog.
I kept a journal for most of my adolesence so why not pick it back up. I guess the main purpose of this blog is to keep me on track with my current goals with school, yoga, photography, and weight/eating habits old and new. I would like to have this be a place where I can come to get advice from people that have "been there" or just to vent.

I guess a little about myself. I am currently in the process of finishing my Yoga instructor 200 hr certification. I started the process in May of this year. I went to Costa Rica and met the most amazing people in my life. Bonded with these people like no one else ever in my life, then it was over in 9 days like waking up from a really good dream. :/
I would like to do a 30 day challenge with my Yoga training and see if I could go for 30 consec days. I've never done anything like this before and it would be a learning experience for sure.

Photography is a young love of mine that is turning into a paid hobby. I'm nurturing it like anything else and I am growing with it.
Please check out some of my work at BB Photography.

Is any of this hitting home with anyone??? I'd like to follow people with similar interests and/or problems.

Till next time.